Why you should use a Solicitor to make your Will

Why you should use a Solicitor to make your Will

Whilst it can be tempting to make a homemade Will and save on Solicitor’s fees, for too many people and their families, it has proved a disastrous false economy.

The rules relating to what Wills say, and how they’re signed, are complex and it’s all too easy to end up with a Will that fails either partially or entirely – leaving your money to pass to someone you didn’t intend. Apart from the upset this could cause your loved ones at a difficult time, a flawed Will can lead to lengthy and very expensive litigation.

We would strongly advise you to have your Will drawn up by a Solicitor who can help you take all these factors into account and get your Will exactly right:

  • Whether someone can make a claim against your estate. A Solicitor can advise you how to minimise the risk of a successful claim being made;
  • Whether inheritance tax is likely to be payable by your estate and, if so, how to keep the tax liability to a minimum;
  • Whether your affairs can be arranged so as to reduce care fees in the future;
  • How to protect vulnerable beneficiaries, to make sure they benefit in the way you intended.
  • How to ensure, so far as is possible, that your money passes to your descendants.

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