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Company & Commercial Law

Company & Commercial Law

At Bone & Payne we are experienced in dealing with all types and size of businesses whether they are just starting up, going through a period of growth or a small medium or large company. Our dedicated team will be able to assist with all aspects of company and commercial law throughout the life of the business, to ensure that your business has the legal expertise necessary to deal with the day to day reality it faces. Bone & Payne prides itself on understanding your business and giving its commercial clients clear, commercially sound and cost-effective legal advice to support your business, whatever stage your business is at and whatever the plans for the future. We can provide advice on a variety of issues which affect your business including but not limited to: –

Commercial Contracts

Whether it is drafting your own terms and conditions of business, or whether it is entering into a contract with a key customer or supplier on bespoke terms, Bone & Payne can guide you through the process by offering practical and commercially sound advice to ensure that any contract terms are set out clearly at the outset.

Choosing the right business structure

It is important not only at the outset of your business life, but as your business evolves and changes over time that the correct business medium is put in place.  Whether you wish to operate your business as a sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or a limited company, Bone & Payne will work alongside you and your accountant and assist you in ensuring that you choose the correct business medium and put in place the correct documentation to give effect to your choice, including the preparation of partnership agreements, shareholders agreements and articles of association.

Buying and selling a business

Bone & Payne can assist you with a business acquisition or disposal whether by way of an asset deal or a share deal.  Working together with your other professional advisors, our team can assist throughout the transaction from helping create heads of terms, drafting exclusivity and confidentiality agreements, dealing with the legal due diligence exercise as well as the main sale/purchase agreement and all ancillary issues to ensure that you receive the advice that you need in such a hugely important transaction.

Company Law

We can assist you in ensuring that you have the right documentation in place for your company and that it keeps up to date with all requirements of the Companies Act 2006. If you need any assistance with reviewing or updating your company’s articles of association or advice on director’s duties, the drafting of board minutes, resolutions or Companies House filings, please contact our team.

 Business Powers of Attorney

When choosing your business structure, it is important that you consider issues which may arise in the future to ensure that your business can continue.  In conjunction with ensuring that you choose the right business medium and as part of putting in place the right documentation in place, you may wish to consider appointing an Attorney for your business affairs.  Lasting Powers of Attorney are not only for your personal affairs.  If you are a company director, partner or sole trader, it is advisable to ensure that there are measures in place should you become unable to make decisions concerning your business. If such matters are not catered for by other means and there is no one appointed to make decisions on your behalf, this leaves the business at risk with no one able to pay staff, suppliers, enter into contracts etc. Bone & Payne can assist by providing you with specialist advice as to the issues at hand and can help ensure that if you wish to appoint an Attorney in respect of your business affairs, the correct documentation is put in place and you choose the right person whom you trust and understands your business, to ensure the smooth running of your business in the event of mental incapacity, an accident or if you are out of the country. Contact a member of our Business Power of Attorney team Gareth Tierney Jones, Mark Sandham or Carys Jenkins to find out how we can help.   For all other services, contact a member of our Company & Commercial Law team to find out how we can help.

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