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Our probate, wills and trusts department has experienced practitioners in all three offices.

Probate is the general term used to describe that area of law that deals with winding up the affairs of someone who has died (repaying assets, selling houses, etc and then distributing that person's property amongst their beneficiaries).

Writing wills for clients and also administering trusts on behalf of clients. Wills are a very important area of work and it is important to make a will with an experienced practitioner – a correctly prepared will can involve not just knowledge of the law relating to wills but also an in depth knowledge of related areas of law such as conveyancing, tax and trusts. Writing a will ensures that your property is disposed of to those who you want to benefit – if you do not leave a will, then the law states that your property will pass to certain blood relatives in a specified order – however wealthy or otherwise they may be and whether you like them or not! Everyone should make a will but it is particularly important for unmarried couples to make wills as the statutory provisions can lead to unexpected and totally unwanted consequences on the death of a partner.

Trusts arise when a person looks after money or assets for another person – they are frequently used in wills, and can also be used in a variety of other situations such as trusts for disabled people.

Those dealing with this work in the firm are:


Roger Griffith
Gareth Tierney-Jones
Rhiannon Morgans

Colwyn Bay

Claire Dutton

Old Colwyn

Mark Sandham