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Employment Law

Our employment law specialist is based at the firm's Colwyn Bay office. We are experienced in areas of employment law likely to affect firms and businesses in this area.

We keep up to date with the seemingly constant changes in European and UK employment law, as well as the plethora of important rulings handed down by the most senior courts. This ensures that we are fully briefed about the implications of those changes for your business.

We will advise you on specific problems, and however complicated the issue, that advice will be straightforward, practical and tailored to your business' needs and circumstances. If you need advice urgently, as is often the case, they will respond quickly to your enquiries so that you know where you stand as soon as possible.

Some of the issues on which you need advice will be sensitive and it goes without saying that our service to you will be entirely confidential.

Many employment related problems can be avoided by being aware of the employment legislation affecting your business, by implementing correct procedures, and by drafting accurate documents to cover most eventualities. We can offer you on-going guidance on a regular basis so that your business knows and understands the implications of the various and frequent changes in employment law.

While we predominantly act for employers and business proprietors, we also have considerable experience of dealing with employment tribunal claims for employees. We have conducted numerous cases for claimants before the employment tribunal in respect of virtually every type of claim. If you are an employee and have any grievance or concern about your employment situation, we will be happy to advise and assist you.

Our employment law specialist is based at the firm's Colwyn Bay office, but they are more than happy to see you at either our Llandudno or our Old Colwyn offices if that is more convenient for you.

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