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Criminal & Motoring Offences

Criminal Law

The criminal law department within Bone and Payne is located at our Llandudno office, but we are always happy to see clients at one of our other offices if that is more convenient.

We can help with a wide range of offences and we have the expertise to protect your interests in any investigation by the police, Crown Prosecution Service, Serious Fraud Office and many other regulatory bodies. The range of work we cover includes every type of offence known to the criminal law but in particular offences involving road traffic matters.

(Below is specific information about motoring offences and criminal compensation.)

We have a contract with the Legal Services Commission to carry out publicly funded work in criminal matters. This means that if you cannot afford to pay privately for our work, you may be eligible for public funding. We can advise you about that, and help you submit the appropriate forms.

We provide clients with a comprehensive and, we hope, thoroughly professional service, whether in the police station, the magistrates court, or the crown court, whatever that allegation may be. We have solicitors on both the court and duty solicitor panel.

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Gwyndaf Pari

Motoring Offences and Traffic Matters

There is little doubt that, in recent years, the police on a national basis have pursued the enforcement of road traffic legislation in a much increased and vigorous fashion.

This has involved, amongst other things, the introduction and use of advanced technology. Such technology includes, for example, the various speed enforcement cameras and detection devices, the implementation of which has created a vast upsurge in the prosecution, in particular, of speeding offences.
Whatever one's views upon this development, there is no doubt that far more motorists are experiencing the impact of this campaign, and the penalties which flow from such motoring convictions can often have a profound effect upon the lives of those who are prosecuted, including, in many cases, damage to careers and loss of employment.

Our detailed experience and expertise in dealing with motoring cases enables us to assist clients who face alleged motoring offences, and where appropriate, we are able to present effective and successful defences to charges, thus enabling clients to retain their licenses and, in relevant circumstances, their careers.

In those cases where the evidence against the client is overwhelming, and a guilty plea must follow, we are also experienced in presenting the maximum mitigation for those offences, in order to minimise the impact on the client. If you need help on any motoring matter, we would be happy to discuss your concerns and advise you appropriately.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

If you have been the victim of a crime you may be eligible for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. Our solicitors can advise you about this and help you with your application.