The issue of legal charges probably cause more concern than anything else when you are thinking of seeking legal advice. However, we aim to offer an efficient and effective service at a reasonable cost. We will do our best, at the outset of the case, to make sure that you know what your financial commitment is likely to be.

In some cases, we can provide you with a fixed price quotation for the work which is required. This will often be possible for matters such as conveyancing, the preparation of wills, and some types of landlord and tenant work. It is also possible to provide a fixed price quotation in relation to some private client motoring matters.

On the other hand, it is difficult, if not impossible, to offer a fair and sensible fixed price on other types of work. Contentious work (where you are in dispute with someone else, or have to appear in a magistrates court or a crown court) will usually fall into that category. What we will do in such cases is to provide you with an estimate of what the likely costs are going to be. In those circumstances, we will explain how our charges are to be calculated, and we will regularly update you on our charges as the matter progresses.

For some work, and in particular this will apply to personal injury claims, a conditional fee or "no win, no fee" agreement is available. We can also offer, in appropriate cases, particularly in employment matters, the facility of a "contingency fee" which is similar to the "no win, no fee" agreement. We will tell you if this is appropriate for your case.

There are some limited areas of the law, which include criminal matters and cases involving family breakdown, where legal aid may be available. If this facility is available, and can apply to you, we will inform you.

We are also happy to discuss various means of payment of our fees, including payment by instalments, by credit/debit card, or standing order.

For more detailed information about our costs and terms of business please download the "expertise guidance trust" leaflet.

Expertise - Guidance - Trust

Download “expertise guidance trust” pdf